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The First oocyte donation money back program in Europe

“Nadiya” is the first clinic in Europe to launch “Oocyte donation money back program”.
We guarantee the return of 90% of the paid sum for the oocyte donation program in case we have not achieved pregnancy after 4 embryo transfers. The price of the egg donation program with money back option is 7 900 euro.

The obligatory preliminary examinations at Nadiya:

  1. Initial appointment with a doctor.
  2. Gynecological ultrasound at day 10-12 of the menstrual period.
  3. Sperm test and cryopreservation (at least 4 vials).
  4. Karyotype of a husband/partner (recommended).


The entry criteria for the program

Criterium The source of its confirmation
The age of a woman till 49 The passport of the patient
The quantity of spermatozoids in 1 ml more than 5 millions Sperm result
The pathology of the sperm is not more than 95% Sperm result
The quantity of unsuccessful attempts with donor eggs – not more than 3 Catamnesis
Normal karyotype of a husband/partner The result of karyotype
Normal endometrium and uterine cavity Gynecological ultrasound +hysteroscopy (according doctor’s recommendation)
The absence of hydrosalpinx Gynecological ultrasound

We are always ready to help you with your dream of becoming parents!

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