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BREAKING NEWS: World’s first baby with DNA of three parents was born in Ukraine after using the pronuclear transfer

 January 17, 2017 Ukrainian fertility specialists of the clinic “NADIYA” made a statement about the birth of world’s first baby in Ukraine after the pronuclear transfer (“three parents baby”). With the help of this method – pronuclear transfer of nucleus – 34-year-old woman, who suffered from infertility for more than 15 years, gave birth to a healthy baby “genetically own” with her husband.


The clinic “Nadiya” was created with a completely clear and simple purpose – to make people happy. It’s team does it by using modern methods of assisted reproductive technology (ART) and prenatal diagnostics. We opened the Nadiya clinic on the 1st June 2006. Our specialists are the founders of the modern reproductive medicine in Ukraine and working in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies for more than 15 years.

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